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Adding A User To Your WordPress Site In 2 Minutes

How to quickly add a new WordPress administrator in just 2 minutes. Learn the steps to grant access and invite users efficiently. Take charge of your website today!

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How To Quickly Add A New WordPress Administrator

First Things First

let’s navigate to your website and ensure you currently have administrator access to the site.

To log in, almost every WordPress has a log in page that is “your domain name”, with /wp-admin on the end of the URL. So this website’s login page would be at eledesignhelp.com/wp-admin

Let’s log in with an administrator account.

Add A wordpress Administrator

Navigate to “Users”

Now, we are going to navigate to the Users section in the left-hand menu, then click Add New User

Add A WordPress Admin

What You Need To Fill In

Next, we’ll fill in the person’s name and email address. You don’t need to fill in the First Name, Last Name, or Website field, but you can.

Add A WordPress Admin

The All-Important Checkmark

Ensure the “Send the new user an email about their account” message is checked. This way, you don’t have to worry about the password.

*Tip: If you accidentally uncheck this, you can check it again after you change the role drop-down.

Choose The Role From The Drop Down

The role determines the level of access that this user will have. The lowest level is a basic subscriber, who may have no access but be listed on your site as a user.

*Tip: Unless you’ve created custom roles, any developer will almost always need to be an administrator. Be sure your developer is trustworthy.

**Bonus Tip: If you have multiple administrators, consider adding a plugin that monitors administrator activity so you can log everything that happens on your site.

Click Add New User

Add A WordPress Admin

What’s Next?

So here’s the great part: your job is done.

As long as you’ve checked that little box, this will email your new user and invite them to your website. Once there, they can reset the password to whatever they like and will have the access they need.

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