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Add A Google My Business User In 2 Minutes

The steps to add a new user to Google My Business are simple. Visit Google, access Business Profile settings, add the user's email, choose their role, and invite them.

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Adding a new user to Google My Business is very simple.

Step 1, Visit Google

Please ensure you are logged into an account with administrator access to your Google My Business page. You can see your profile photo in the top right of the screen and roll over it to see the account you are currently logged in with.

Search Google For Your Busines Name

Add a GMB user Step 1

After searching for your business, if you are an administrator, you will see Google My Business tools at the top of the page instead of the regular Google search results.

If you see only the regular Google results, you are not currently logged in with a Google account with access. 

To access them,

Click The Three Little Dots

When logged in as an administrator of the Google Business Profile, and the tools are present, these will be located in the top right-hand corner of this tools section.

Add a GMB user

Click On “Business Profile Settings”

Click On “People And Access”

add a GMB user

Click The Little Blue Add Button

Add A GMB user

Click In The Email Address Field

Add A GMB user

Type The Email Address

This is the person you want to give access to; they don’t have to be in your business or even on your list of contacts.

Hit enter after you have typed the email, or if they happen to come up automatically, feel free to click on the person’s name and/or icon when it shows up.

Add A GMB user

Choose Their Access

This is going to grant them Owner rights, or Manager rights. In most cases, you can grant Manager rights; however, if you trust the individual, it typically saves time and headaches just by providing Owner access.

Hit enter, or click on the person if their email comes up.

Click On “Invite.”

Hit enter, or click on the person if their email comes up.

That’s All There Is To It

That individual will now get an email from Google inviting them to join your Google My Business account, giving them the necessary access.

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